Insurance Service

  • ÖSV Insurance

    Your membership in the Ski Club Arlberg automatically makes you a member of the Austrian Ski Association and entitles you to access the collective accident, legal and liability insurance negotiated between the ÖSV and UNIQA.

    Here is a summary of some of the features of the updated ÖSV insurance


    Accident insurance
    is valid for ÖSV members worldwide and throughout the entire year!
    • Rescue and recovery costs up to Euro 15,000
    • Rescue expenses, including helicopter rescue after an accident or in the case of a sudden life-threatening illness, valid in Austria and overseas (excluding transportation costs).
    • Repatriation costs up to Euro 15,000
    Repatriation costs
    from overseas, valid for the first 8 weeks after an accident for each overseas trip
    • Relocation costs up to Euro 730
    Valid for relocations within Austria after an insured accident, when the relocation is ordered by a medical practitioner (does not inclu- de private transportation).

    From the 15th day onwards, a one-off pay- ment of Euro 400. From the 22nd day onwards, a one-off pay- ment of Euro 550.
    Valid in the case of an uninterrupted stay in a hospital after an accident
    Cosmetic Surgery up to Euro 10,000
    Valid after an insured accident (does not in- clude tooth replacement).
    Tooth replacement for children up to Euro 1,000
    Valid for children under the age of 15, for incidents at training or in a race, as long as they were wearing a suitable helmet.
    Accidental death up to Euro 2,000
    Accidental disability up to Euro 15,000

    For on-going disabilities, commencing at a 20% degree of disability, as per the disability set rates of the ‘Klipp & Klar Bedienungen U500’. In the case of 100% disability, the payment is doubled to Euro 30,000.

    This coverage is valid worldwide for the practice of amateur and unpaid sports. However, all types of flight sports and motor sports, and all types of professional sport (including competitions and training) are excluded.


    Personal liability insurance for ÖSV card holders is valid worldwide in the practice of all ski and snowboard sports! Members are insured against damage to person and property up to Euro 5,000,000. There is an excess of Euro 250.

    • This insurance is valid for all ski and snowboard sports. The coverage is valid worldwide.
    • ÖSV liability insurance is subsidiary to the coverage of other liability policies.
    • When working for the ÖSV, an additional comprehensive insurance protection is available through the ÖSV Club Insurance.


    Parallel cover for ÖSV members is valid across Europe in the practice of ski and snowboard sports!
    ÖSV liability insurance covers claims by third persons in the case of a ski or snowboard accident. This new parallel cover also protects ÖSV card holders in the reverse situation: that is, if the ÖSV card holder has claims of personal damage and the person who did the damage is not sufficiently insured.

    • the identity of the liable party is known
    • the claims of the ÖSV card holder are legally valid
    • a judgment is obtained regarding
    • the claims
    Insured sum up to Euro 500,000 (Excess Euro 2,500)
    • This insurance is valid for all ski and snowboard sports. Coverage is valid throughout Europe.


    Legal insurance for ÖSV card holders is valid throughout Europe for all ski and snowboard sports! Criminal legal insurance per case up to Euro 30,000
    Legal advisor insurance up to Euro 350
    • Criminal defence legal insurance and legal advisor insurance for accidents that occur when practicing ski and snowboard sports or talking part in club activities.
    • This insurance coverage is valid throughout Europe.
    • ÖSV legal protection is subsidiary to other legal protection policies.


    Insurance of ski equipment is valid for ÖSV card holders after an insured event (in the case of an accident or a liability or legal in- cident)!
    Payment up to the maximum value of Euro 500
    Excess Euro 150,00.
    • This insurance covers broken skis or the loss of skis in the event of an accident or liability or legal incident that is covered by the ÖSV insurance policy.