SCA Stammtisch Meetings SCA week 2019

  • Participating in the Ski Club Arlberg’s Stammtisch meetings is a wonderful way to enjoy your membership in one of the largest and most traditional ski clubs in the world. After a perfect day skiing on the surrounding slopes, locals, ski instructors, Ski Club Arlberg members and those who want to become members, gather together at the various Stammtische in the Arlberg.
    The atmosphere at these meetings is always stimulating, friendly and relaxed, and many consider it a great honour to be a member of the Ski Club Arlberg.
    Overview of dates
    5 pm, Romantikhotel Krone, Lech
    Wednesday 4 pm or 3 pm, St. Anton,
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    Thursday 4:30 pm Hotel Garni Stuben, Stuben
    5 pm Hotel Edelweiss, Zürs
    5:30 pm Arlberg Hospiz Hotel, St. Christoph

    We thank the hoteliers for their friendly support!