Our youth

  • The promotion of young skiers is very important to the SCA. Alone in Lech and Zürs over 70 children and youths participate in the SCA junior training program. Five trainers introduce the younger generations to the various aspects of skiing with great sensitivity.Training commences in summer with co-ordination  excercises, climbing, mountain biking, canyoning, condition training and many more sporting and social activities. Before the ski season begins in the Arlberg, training is held on the glacier. If you think that SCA youth training simply focuses on ski racing then you are mistaken. Trainers educate the children in free skiing, the use of avalanche rescue equipment, powder and ‘firn’ skiing, telemark skiing, snowboarding and many other interesting facets of snow sports. The SCA has a well-defined goal: to give young people in the Arlberg an in-depth and comprehensive education in snow sports. Skiing is one of the most important aspects of the Arlberg and young residents in the region need to be proficient in it.
    The SCA Squad
    Due to the professional nature of our training program over the last few years, a group of top athletes has emerged - the 'SCA Squad'. These young athletes are, in many ways, our hope for the future in youth sport and they can already look back on notable success. The other SCA Squad members are competitive with the top athletes at the state level.