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We gladly welcome you to our ever-growing Ski-Club Arlberg family, if you meet the following criteria:

  • You should love the sport of skiing as well as the Arlberg.
  • A new member should have been visiting the Arlberg for at least three years.
  • You need two sponsors who are SCA members themselves. One of them needs to be a member of the SCA managing committee.

Your sponsors forward your application to the Ski-Club Arlberg. Your application for membership can also be made directly at the office of Ski-Club Arlberg. The admission to the club is proclaimed in ceremonial setting at the traditional Stammtisch gatherings (St. Anton am Arlberg, Stuben, Lech, Zürs) in the presence of a member of the managing committee or a specifically commissioned person.


During your admission ceremony, you receive the traditional SCA admission package including the following items.

  • SCA book “Ein Jahrhundertbericht”
  • Brochure “Die ersten 6 Jahre des Ski-Club Arlberg” by Ing. Rudolf Gomperz
  • SCA Arlberg card including your ski pass
  • SCA annual report
  • Information regarding your ÖSV insurance protection
  • 1 SCA sticker
  • 1 small and big SCA badge
  • Classic SCA pullover

Admission fee for adult (including membershipfee for the first year) € 270.00

Annual membership fee € 70.00

Admission of children under 18

Children under 18 receive the traditional SCA admission package including the following items.

  • SCA youth badge
  • SCA badge (big)
  • SCA Arlberg card including ski pass
  • SCA stuffed bear “ARLI”
  • Information regarding ÖSV insurance protection
  • SCA annual report
  • 2 SCA stickers
  • Classic SCA pullover

Admission fee for children (including membership fee for the first year) € 160.00

Annual membership fee € 30,00

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