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The third branch of the youth development programme is Freeride skiing. Previously known as back-country or off-piste skiing, this activity is nowadays called Freeride.

Starting with the winter season 2016/2017, Ski-Club Arlberg has been offering a Freeride training programme for young local athletes ranging from 12 to 18 years of age supervised by pro freerider Stefan Häusl. The Freeride World Tour is the equivalent to the Alpine Ski World Cup and takes place all over the world. From the 2017/18 season on, the young freeriders of Ski-Club Arlberg compete on the Junior Freeride World Tour.

Previously acquired skills are further developed and applied to off-piste settings. Jumps over cliffs, tricks, avalanche safety training and fast skiing are perfected and demonstrated in competitions. Freeride – the innovative way to conquer off-piste terrain. Ride on!

Fotocredit: Freeride Junior Tour, Stefan Voitl, Mia Maria Knoll, Klaus Listl, Stefan Häusl

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