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SCA founding member Lisl Trojer

In the history of the Ski Club Arlberg, Lisl Trojer occupies a special place, because she was the only female founding member of the club. On January 3, 1901, a few St. Anton residents gathered in the Hospiz St. Christoph and founded the club “extempore”. Oswald Trojer is listed as the club’s president, and his daughter Lisl is among the first few club members.

After the construction of the Arlbergbahn, the Hospiz St. Christoph seemed to be left to decay, because the Arlberg traffic had been transferred to the railway. On behalf of the provinces of Tyrol and Vorarlberg, the building was renovated and leased at the end of the 19th century. The second tenant was Oswald Trojer, a native of Lienz. He earned the reputation of a “second founder of the hospice”, since during his almost 15 years of activity the hostel on the Arlberg received new upswing. His daughter, who served the guests, played a decisive role in this. Among these guests, from 1900 onwards, there were more and more skiers, most of whom were among the first members of the Ski Club Arlberg.

Oswald Trojer returned to East Tyrol with his daughter and mother in 1912.


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