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122nd General Assembly

On Saturday, September 10, 2022 the 122nd General Assembly took place at the Après Post Hotel in Stuben.
President Josef Chodakowksy welcomed at the beginning of the General Assembly the 120 members and guests of honor present and established the quorum.

After the commemoration of the deceased members the reports of the president and the chairmen of the local branches followed. The president looked back on a positive and intensive association year “a difficult time lies behind all of us, which we have overcome together and can therefore look positively into the future”.
They all reminded of the two central topics which are anchored in the statutes of the ski club Arlberg: the promotion of the snow sport with the youth promotion and the execution of events.
The Obmänner and the president thanked in Credo all supporters without those the ski club Arlberg these two topics not in the level to accomplish could:
The Arlberg communities, the tourism associations and ski schools on the Arlberg, as well as the mountain railroads of the Arlberg region and all trainers and volunteers.
Especially in the area of youth development, Ski-Club Arlberg was able to come up with impressive figures,
During the past year, 180 young people were coached in the Alpine, Newschool and Freeride divisions in around 400 training sessions throughout the Arlberg region.
The result of this is great sporting success – first and foremost junior world champion Magdalena Egger, the students of the St. Anton local branch were able to win the Tyrolean National Cup ranking.
Sonja Gigler showed up with the title junior world champion in the ski cross.
Special mention was made of the Flexenarena, where over 400 training sessions were coordinated for international teams.
There were also positive reports on the events, in addition to the World Cup in Zürs, there were FIS races, Freeride Contest, the Club Championships of the Ski Club Arlberg, the White Ring, the White Rush and many more.
Also for the next winter three major events are fixed in the calendar:
Parallel event for women and men in Zürs, World Cup races in St. Anton and the FIS Junior World Ski Championships in St. Anton whereby races will also be held in the Flexenarena in Zürs.
Also, after two difficult years, the number of members of the Ski Club Arlberg could be increased. Thus in the past association year 485 members were taken up.

On the agenda was also the resolution on the increase of the membership fee for adults from Euro 60.00 to Euro 70.00 and for children from Euro 20.00 to Euro 30.00 which was unanimously accepted by those present.
Under the agenda item honors, members were honored for their 35-, 40-, 50- 60 and 70-year membership.

Our young skiers were honored with achievement badges.
Special supporters of the Ski-Club Arlberg were honored with the badges supporter in green, silver and gold.

In the name of the Ski-Club Arlberg, the board would like to thank everyone for their tireless active and financial support!
Through the sale of the products of our partners, a sponsorship amount of Euro 28.962,00 could be raised, a big thank you for that.
At the end, the representatives of various clubs and committees delivered their greetings, also there the youth promotion and the loyalty to skiing was the central topic.
The last words remained with Andreas Mathis, who ended his racing career with this year and thanked on behalf of all athletes of the SCA for the support, as well as Andi Gohl who thanked the SCA for always including new sections in the program.

The General Assembly was concluded with a triple “Ski-Heil”.

After an exciting tombola, which was crowned by an auction of the 18l wine bottle, the members let the evening end comfortably. We thank the participants and the host family Brändle for the successful evening.

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